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Online Systems Β2B B2C

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INTERNET BUSINESS TO CONSUMER (B2C) and Internet BUSINESS TO BUSINESS (B2B) Applications are the most modern advertising solutions and sales promotion of the tourism industry in the wider market that the Internet offers.

In an ONLINE connection to the central database of the commercial application Group Travel, these applications enable direct information and the product promotion of the business on the Internet. 

With the advantage of the easy usage of the applications by the staff of the company without the involvement of skilled personnel or special external partners, significantly reduces the cost of updating and maintaining websites, and the time required for such work.

Using a specific multilingual system, enables the display of tourism products in more than one language, creating new perspectives to enter into foreign tourism markets.

The ONLINE reservation system, that the applications of Internet B2C and B2B offer, are a powerful weapon in the tourism operator against the competition.The consumers-Internet users can directly be informed on the availability of tourism products from their home or work and can easily plan their vacation,by making the reservations they wishes on their own, without wasting unnecessary time on the telephone or visits to the company offices.

With connectivity via electronic interchange systems the applications provide secure financial transactions by credit card payments through the website of the tourism industry.

In collaboration with other tour operators, Internet applications are a clamping tool of their trade relations, providing significant reduction in costs of communication between them, by simplifying cumbersome procedures to the greatest extent possible.

Internet B2B & B2C Applications consist of two application packages, with the ability of online group reservations and online reservations with cooperating hotels, with infrastructure for the implementations of the rest of tourism services.

Internet B2B & B2C Applications operate successfully in the websites of tourist organizations and travel agencies in Greece, the Czech Republic and Romania.


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