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MetaByte Software, having extensive experience in the computerization of Tourism Management and strong expertise in information technology has already been undertaken and successfully completed major projects in the field of tourism market in Greece and abroad.

Some of the most important works (in chronological order) are:

Application eCongress & Tourism in the company Erasmus ΑΕ

The succesful and long term cooperation of ΜetaByte Software the Erasmus ΑΕ company, whic is one of the most sophisticated congress management companies,continius with the recent installation and operation of the eCongress & Τοurism application, providing online congress and tourism sevices.

eCongress & Τοurism application offers the capability to connect the congress website that the company organizes, with its centraldatabase, providing to the participants, accompaned persons, the organization Committees and the cooperating companies a varietybof online services that refer to the management, sending and evaluation of abstracts, the management of documents and the ability for online tourism services reservations during the conduct of the Congress.

The application from the begginng of its operation has already won very positive comments about the friendly interface to the operator, the immediate effectiveness and dynamics which distinguishes it as one of the most modern and sophisticated informatics system in the field of Congress management.

Vehicle Fleet Management Application in the Zorpidis Coaches company

Metabyte Software has succesfully installed the specialized application Automotion to the Zorpidis Coaches company, which owns one of the largest vehicle fleet in Greece.

AutoMotion application monitors with every detail the whole vehice fleet of the company, offering direct information regarding vehicle availability through specialized plans, complete reservation control, information regarding the status of each vehicle, driver log and history file, plus a variety of specialized systems refering to the Transfer Office.

In addition the application is used in the Spare part warehouse management of the company, in the service garage management and the absolute control of the fuel comsuption per vehicle, as it offers the complete financial status of all departments of the company, complete accounting management and direct and immediate information to the company's management team.

Internet Business to Business Applications in Romania

Metabyte Software has developed over the last year special partnerships with the Tour Operations of Romania, who has choosen the specialized applications of the company in order to manage and organize their business and to proving online package reservation and services to their cooperating travel agancies.

The specialized application that are installed and operated in great effectiveness , have already achived the recognition from the Romanian Tourism Market, that is one odf the most upcoming market in Balkans.

The Internet B2B applications in Romania consists one more preeminence of Metabyte Software, offering to the local travel agents the most advanced and modern informatics solutiong and the capability of onlie reservation with absolute reliability, security and flexibility.

The FIRST Internet Business to Business (B2B) in the CZECH Republic

In May 2006 the first Online Package Reservation System for coopearation travel agencies in Czeck Republic was activated in the tourism business Blue Style Agency S.R.O, one of the largest Tour Operators of the country.

The long term cooperation of Metabyte Softwar with Blue Style Travel Agency S.R.O progresses dynamically with the recent activation of the specializedInternet B2B application, with which the partner agencies of Blue Style Travel Agency have the ability of making online reservations with in the Group Travel's database, that consists the heart of the informatic system of the company.

By using the Internet and a special access code in the Company site, the cooperating travel agents are updated and informed immediately regardingthe available package departures that were organized by Blue Style Travel Agency. They select the desired departure and are automatically informed regarding the rates and with very easy procedures complete the reservation, receiving in addition a written confirmation with all necessary codes and information they need.

Internet B2B Application offers absolute control in information that appear online in the web site and in package availability, depending on the contractsof air ticket seats, accommodation facilities and the rest of services that consist the packages and are registered in the central database of the company.The easy management and promotionof data, the security and automization of complecated procedures are just a few of the important advantages the application provides the Tour Operator and his partner travel agents with, essentially forming an important tool for successful Business To Business Partnerships.

Already the first impressions from the application's operation are very positive, both from the Tour Operator and from the the cooperating tourism agencies sides.

The installation in Czeck Republic consist the second preeminence of Metabyte Software in specialized B2B application for Tour Operators,following the very succesful cource of the Internet B2B application of the Zorpidis Tourism Organization, the fist true online package reservation system in Greece.

Internet Business to Business (B2B) in Tourism Organization ZORPIDIS

In August 2006 the application Internet Business to Business (B2B) was succesfuly installed and operated in the Tourism Organization ZORPIDIS, one ofthe largest Tour Operators of the country. The application is part of the modernization and computerization of the complete processes and services to the agency partners and clients, using modern informatics technology solutions.

The Ιnternet B2B application refers to the online package reservation abilities through the web site with the usage of personal access codes fron the partner travel agants and with the supply of special online service , such us:
  • Online package departure availability updates
  • Online detailed presentation / brochure - rate lists print outs
  • Online destination photo presentation in slide show.
  • Online package reservation
  • Online diplay / print of deparure brochures
  • Online diplay / print of the financial balance list of the partner travel agent.
The B2B application connects in real time with the central database of the specialized commercial management Group Travel application, in witch the IT system of the organization is based. This technological innovation provides unique advantages , such us:
  • Easy management and display online the information that refer to the group trips, such us the detailed package schedules, photos, rates, etc, via the Group Travel application's interface.
  • Single seats available to participate, from the branches through computer network connection and from the cooperating travel agants through the internet.
  • Central control of group trips departures availability.
  • Automating procedures for processing reservation of cooperating agents.
  • Reduced communication cost between cooperating agents and tour operator.  
With the use of the Internet B2B application the cooperating tourism agents gain momentum and flexibility in the wider tourism market, through a modern, fastand user-friendly enviroment of electronic cooperation with the vendor-Tour operator and making use of online services offered, greatly improing the services to their customers.

The Ιnternet B2B application belongs to the family of modern and specialized informatics applications that Metabyte Software develops the laset few years, utilizing new technological developments and the unique possibilities offered by the Internet to the Tourism Market.


In 2004 the new Internet Β2Β & Β2C were officially announced, which give the abilty of online reservation through a webisite, managed by the commercial management application Group Travel.


The cooperation of Metabyte Software with one of the largest Tour Operators of Greece starts at 2001, where the installation od Group Travel & Accounting took place, to manage the commercial and accounting tasks of the Organization.

In the years that followed, the connection of the Headquarters of Zorpidis Travel Services with the Thessaloniki and Athens offices were activated, using advanced,sophisticated and modern Internet solutions.

Blue Style Travel Agency (CZECH Repubic)

Metabyte Software cooperates from 2002 with one of the largest tour operators of the CZECH Repubic,Blue Style Travel Agency, where the applications Group Travel & Accounting are used for the absolute monitoring of the business's tasks. Specialy for the Accounting management, the configuration was based on the Czech Accounting Standards and was certified by the accountants of the organization for its proper functionalty.

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