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MetaByte Applications Support

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The applications of MetaByte Software are covered by annual or monthly support contracts, which provide direct assistance on technical issues and questions of the operators, for better utilization of the installed subsystems.

Qualified associates of Support Departments provide direct addressing to technical issues that are daily and is always close to the partner tourism businesses, with specialized technical knowledge in information technology and tourism products, with the willingness of service that distinguishes them.

Support contracts provide Travel Agencies with  a number of very important advantages:

  • Complete phone support (help desk) from experienced and qualified technical staff on IT issues and tourism businesses
  • Free upgrades to newer versions of applications
  • Remote (online) support via the Internet, remotely monitoring the operator's screen for immediate response to technical issues
  • Special discounts in construction of personal reports, constructions  of software referred for the applications , in purchasing new work stations and training packages.
  • Consulting computer and IT services from specialized MetaByte Software executives

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