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 Vehicle fleet , Spare part warehouse, Service garage, Fuel management

Auto Motion AutoMotion Application covers the modern management, control and monitor needs of the transfer projects that the Tourism business and Transfer business perform, offering a variety of special subsystems and tools to the operators, administrators and supervisors of the business, in an integrated package.

The applications has integrated special vehicle availability plans for immediate information, special systems for route assignments per vehicle with easy management and great flexibility. It monitors each vehicle separately in detail, providing financial information results of great importance.

It fully covers the Transfer office, the Spare part warehouses, the service garages and the fuel management offices, with simultaneous and immediate update of the business Accounting department in an online connection of the application with the Accounting financial management application.

Special reports offer immediate information with a variety of useful data, that refer to the tranfer services, the spare part warehouse, service garage, fuel, the Administration management and financial results and statistics.

AutoMotion application includes specialized management subsystems, such us:

  • Vehicles
  • Drivers
  • Vehicle Reservation System
  • Vehicle Route Assignment Table
  • Vehicle hourly availability plans
  • Customers
  • Vendors
  • Vendor & Customer Invoices
  • Vendor & Customer Transactions
  • Spare Part Warehouses
  • Spare Part Warehouses Invoices
  • Fuel Management Systems



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