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Web Services

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MetaByte Software offers to the tourism market the abillity of 3rd party manufactures databases communication bridges, using specialized Web Services. 

GT-Wire is a unique system that provides Export-Import capabilities to Third-party web applications in connection with Tour Operator’s main database. 

Using xml technology,  the system is opened to connectivity and  provides export / import data for following procedures: 

  • Fetch Request Data:  Requests data for a specific departure
  • Check Availability-Price: Checks for prices of a specific departure and informs about availability of selected services
  • Post Reservation:  Posts reservation for selected services
  • Confirm Payment: Confirms payment procedure in combination with online payment site
  • Check Reservations Status:  Checks the status of reservation
  • Get Reservation Data: Gets Data of reservation
  • Post Amendments: Changes customer’s data or traveler’s data of reservation
  • Cancel Reservation: Cancels the reservation
  • Reinstate Reservation: Reinstates cancelled reservations

The use of GT-Wire can expand and growth the Business Prospectives of  Tour Operators, giving the ability to create various selling points on online web systems, with maximum security and safety.

The system is already in use in Blue Style Travel Agency in Prague, one of the major Tour Operators in Czech Republic. 


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