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XML Bridges

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MetaByte Software offers to the tourism market the abillity of 3rd party manufactures databases communication bridges, using specialized Web Services.
ΜetaByte GTravelPricesXMLExport is a unique interface which can export data  from Group Travel application to XML files, in order to be used from  Third-party Web Online Systems.
Τhe XML interface is connected to Group Travel Database ( Ms-Sql Version ) and has the ability to export the following Data:  
  • Package Prices
  • Package Available Departures during the time of export
  • Package Characteristics
  • Package Children Price Policy
The XML interface has an XML export preparation screen with all necessary information during  the export procedure.
IIn Group Travel application,  additional security is enable for exporting data on the web, where specific products can be selected.
There are two ways of getting the XML files that have been exported.  It can be done manually from the Web, using a specific XML Web Interface or automatically using SOAP technology.

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